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David graduated from the School of Osteopathy in 1999. Prior to this he was a radiographer who worked in imaging departments and in clinical research. These valuable skills now enable him to refer patients for imaging procedures such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT). He is also able to interpret these images to aid your diagnosis and treatment. David is a manipulative therapist who specialises in posture, postural rehabilitation exercises, sports injuries, foot biomechanics, gait analysis and orthotics.

David is well known for his gentle and effective treatment achieving quick pain relief with minimal discomfort.

In his spare time, David is a budding photographer and the Club Coaching Coordinator at Huddersfield RUFC.


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Principal Osteopath:
David Ellwood BSc(Hons) Ost, DCR(R)
Radiographer (1990), Osteopath (1999)

Practice Manager:
Michelle Ellwood DCR(R), MSc, PGC LTHE
Radiographer (1990), Lecturer (2000)

Andy Root BSc, DpodM, MChs
Podiatrist(1990), Lecturer(1995)


The General Osteopathic Society (GOsC)
The Institute of Osteopathy (iO)
Osteopathic Sports Care Association (OSCA)
The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)


The Britich School of Osteopathy (BSO)
UK Health Centre
The Foot Podiatrist
Huddersfield RUFC
Design Bolts




Michelle graduated as a radiographer in 1990 and gained a wealth of experience in working in healthcare. She has since become a radiography lecturer at the University of Leeds. Michelle joined the team at Osteopathy in Action (OiA) to oversee the clinic and to explore ways of improving the quality of service and care to our patients.

In addition, MIchelle is a trustee for Cafe 100, a Ceroc dancing teaching and also likes to take unusual photos.




Andrew graduated from the London Foot Hospital in 1999. He has since become a biomechanics specialist carrying out biomechanical assessment using foot orthotics for shock absorption and correction of alignment. He manufactures orthotics from the casts sent to him from Osteopathy in Action (OiA). He also manufactures orthotics for cricket, football and rugby teams including international sportsmen and athletes.

In his time off, Andy likes to travel the world exploring places no-one has heard of!



David Ellwood was excellent. Feel much better after just two sessions.


"After a couple of years of chronic lower back pain, and after seeing physio's and a chiropractor with little effect, I came to see David and after a number of visits he has got me moving again and I can finally see an end to it all. Highly recommended!"


"Thank you for your help, your skill has made my recovery quick!"


"I have been coming to this practice for many years, and have always found David to be very professional, helpful and friendly. He explains the way forward and which treatment will be best, explaining in terms which are easy to understand. 
I would have no problem in recommending him to others and have done so in the past. His new premises are easy access, warm and clean, with parking spaces near by."


"I've tried it all and finally managed to find professionalism and great care! My back has never been better, thanks David!"


"David Ellwood is an amazing osteopath - anytime I have "crocked" myself be it back, shoulder, elbow or latterly sciatic nerve he has completely cured all my ailments wherever they have been. I can't praise his skills highly enough!"


"I have been using Osetopathy in Action for a number of years now as I have an on going stress related condition. From my first consultation I found David to be a very warm, welcoming and approachable person. I felt very much at ease with him from the first treatment session and always feel a lot better by the end of the treatment day. Unfortunately as my problem is stress related I know it cannot be cured, but being helped to keep the pain to a minimum by the treatment is a massive relief and for this I’ll always be grateful to David.

I have also taken advantage of David’s photography skills to shoot the interior of my home, which is now up for sale. I was really impressed with his knowledge and expertise in this area. I can honestly say that some of the shots would not be out of place in Homes and Garden magazine."


"I have known David Ellwood for about 12 years now, due to a chronic back condition that often goes into spasm, leaving me unable to move. In all that time the only other help I received elsewhere was from pain killers. David has got me moving again more times than I can count.

If you have never been to an osteopath, there is absolutely nothing to be nervous about. David is well qualified, totally professional, reassuring and very very gentle…I have never had a moment of pain whilst he has been working on me. He uses careful repetitive muscle movements to loosen me up, and I go out of his surgery much more mobile than when I went in!

My life would have been a much more miserable one if I hadn’t walked into his surgery in 2002, in a fine old temper, after getting the brush off from my GP. Thank goodness I did! If I had to sum David up in a few words they would be:

'A safe pair of hands'."